#pictureAdvent is now a ministry of the Rio Texas and Michigan Conferences of the United Methodist Church.

Visit www.riotexas.org/pictureadvent to sign up for this year’s devotions and resources!

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How do you #pictureAdvent?

Join Christians around the world as we all celebrate Advent, the season when we prepare our hearts, minds and souls for the coming of Christ!  

This year, let's be sure we don't rush through this special season straight to Christmas. Advent is a special time, and LECFamily wants to help you make it a special experience for yourself, your family, and your church. Here are a few ways to make this Advent season one to remember:

#pictureAdvent Photo-a-Day 

First, we want to share our Advent celebration with all our friends and family, so we're inviting you to use each day's theme to inspire a daily photo. Post each day with the theme and #pictureAdvent so we can all be inspired together!

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Daily Devotions

Each day during Advent, you can receive a devotion based on the day's theme direct to your inbox. These devotions are designed for people of all ages -- not just families with children! They will also be posted here so you can share them with friends and family easily through social media.

Family Activities

Click here to download the 2017 Family ADVENTure to Christmas
In addition to sharing in the daily devotions, your family can create new memories and traditions throughout Advent at home with our family activities. Created to bring your family closer to one another and closer to Christ, these activities are sure to make meaningful memories!

2016 Family ADVENTure to Christmas Wreath (2016)
Click Here to Download Family Activities (2015)

Resources for Churches:

Worship Resources

Click here to download the 2017 Worship Resources
Each Sunday in Advent, we will offer resources for you to use in worship that are easily combined with other liturgy you may have already planned. This year, we have original prayers AND an original musical composition to use with candle lighting liturgy!
Previous Years' Resources:
Click here to Download Candle Lighting Liturgy as Printable Bulletin Inserts (2016)
Click Here to Download Litany and Weekly Reading Bulletin Inserts (2015)

Sermon Planning Guide

Click here to download the 2017 Sermon Planning Guide
 If your church is participating in #pictureAdvent, use this opportunity to create a sermon series around our resources! You will be able to download an outline of our weekly themes as well as suggestions for sermon topics, questions to address, imagery to consider, and more!
Previous Years' Resources:
Click Here to Download 2016 Sermon Starters (2016)
Click Here to Download the Sermon Planning Guide (2015)
Click here to Download #pictureAdvent Presentation Slide Backgrounds (2015)

Youth Group Activities

Click Here to Download Youth Group Activities (2017)
Be sure the season of Advent is part of your youth group's experience this year. These rituals and activities will be a great add-on to your regular youth programming or special event!
Previous Years' Resources:
Click Here to Download Youth Group Activities (2016)
Click Here to Download Youth Group Activities (2015)

Children's Ministry Activities

Click Here to Download Children's Ministry Activities (2017)
How are you incorporating Advent themes and experiences into your Sunday School, Children's Church, or weekly experiences? These activities can be a curriculum to themselves, or they are a great add-on to your existing curriculum as a seasonal focus. 
Previous Years' Resources:
Click Here to Download Children's Ministry Activities (2016)

The 2017 #pictureAdvent Team:

Melissa Cooper and Tanya Eustace, Project Coordinators
Monique McBride, Family Activities
Beth Demme, Preaching Resources
Jay Locklear, Worship Resources
Elizabeth Christie, Children's and Youth Activities

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