What are the Top Mistakes Christian Teen Parents Make?

You know those cute kids you've got will become teenagers soon, right? Or maybe you've already made the tween transition into the teen years. Many parents dread having teenagers - lots of new "firsts" - driving, dates, dances ... it's uncharted territory for your kids (and you!).

Even harder than navigating the social challenges of raising teens can be navigating the spiritual challenges. There's a lot of research being done right now about what helps keep teenagers faithful as they transition out of your home and into college or the professional world. It's tough, but there's help!

Check out this great article - "The Top Ten Mistakes Christian Parents of Teens Make" - about how you can avoid missing out on being a part of your teenager's life while they're under your roof and even when they leave.

And don't forget that quality time is important, so check out Family Camp - it's an opportunity for your whole family to spend time together - no stress! - and focus on each other and on growing with God.