LECFamily Camper helps Church Imagine No Malaria

Who says what happens at camp stays at camp? Last summer, our LECFamily Grandparents and Me campers learned about the disease of Malaria around the world and how they can be a part of helping to eradicate it in Africa.

One of our long-time campers, Grace, went home fired up and ready to change the world - and she did! 

Here's the letter we got from Grace:

Hi Melissa,

The Imagine No Malaria project that we did at Grandparent and Me Camp I took a bit farther.

I asked my Pastor at church if I could talk about Imagine No Malaria, and he said yes!

My mom asked for bracelets, a DVD, and pledge cards from Imagine No Malaria.

My pastor gave me a whole table I could set up my stuff, and before I knew it, I've raised 120 dollars all from my church!

It feels really great to do something good. Tomorrow I'm talking about it again, with a PowerPoint to share, plus a video (my pastor kept forgetting to download it!) plus, my church pledged $250.

Love, Grace Plonsky
Nomad Community Church
Melbourne, Fl

Way to go Grace! You rock!

You can find out more about how Malaria is affecting people around the world AND how you - yes, you! - can be a part of eradicating this disease at http://imagineflorida.org/ and http://imaginenomalaria.org/.

And, you can sign up for this year's Grandparents and Me right here on our website!