Archery and Canoeing and Campfires ... oh my!

We had an AMAZING Dad and Me Weekend last weekend! If you missed it, well ... you missed out on some awesome experiences!

One of the highlights of the weekend was getting to utilize some brand-new activities and areas that were added to our site this winter! 

First, we now have a brand-new campfire amphitheater! Our old campfire circle was a great spot, but this new space seats up to 200 and allows for some killer sunset views and great opportunities for song leading and story telling. It will be a key spot for our upcoming Bible retreat, Live the Story.


DAD & ME & EXTRA LEC 011.jpg

We also now have our own fleet of canoes! Our Dad and Me campers got to take the maiden voyages on our brand-new canoes, exploring the exciting shores of Lake Griffin together. A great group of NOMADs built us some great canoe racks, and some of our staff and workampers created a new launch area just for canoes and kayaks! 

Finally, the big hit of the weekend was our new (and still under construction) archery range! Kids and dads alike channeled Robin Hood, Katniss, and Merida as they practiced their sharp-shooting with our brand-new bows, arrows, and targets. We even had a few bullseyes! 

Did you miss out on the fun at Dad and Me? No worries! We'll be doing all of this and more this summer at Family Camp and Grandparents and Me Camp! Want more information? Check out our programs page.

And in the meantime, you can see all our Dad and Me fun in the photo gallery, or check out the gallery below for all the pictures from our new activity areas: