Guest Post: Keeping Christ in Easter

By Rev. Monique McBride, FUMC Ft. Lauderdale

Let’s face it. Christmas is a whole lot easier to keep Christ-centered than Easter. Even everyday stores carry nativity sets and Advent calendars.

At this time of year, there isn’t much available at Target or Walmart besides eggs, bunnies and the occasional little lamb. As Christian parents, we strive and often struggle to keep Jesus at the center of Christian holidays. Yet, it can be difficult to share the story of Holy Week to our children in a child-friendly way.

This year, I decided to be a bit more intentional about our Easter decorations. I haven’t banished the bunny. But, just like I did with our nativity sets and Advent calendars, I decided to have a few places in the house which represent the Christ-centered story of our faith.

So, I set out to the craft store and purchased three little wooden crosses. With a little craft paint and my usual hurricane vases, I’ve created a little area to help our family remember the meaning of the season.

I also wanted to hold off on the Alleluias until Easter. So, I added a line from Psalm 23 to our chalkboard and put a little lamb which belonged to my Mom nearby.

Simple stuff ... but, I hope it reminds my children of the real reasons we celebrate Easter.

I hope these ideas bring you a little inspiration as well. Blessings upon your Lenten season. 

Rev. Monique McBride is the Associate Pastor at First UMC, Ft. Lauderdale, but first she is mom to two energetic boys. She is the co-creator of #pictureLent and a vital contributor to LECFamily all year long.