Make a Yummy Family Advent Wreath!

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Do you have an Advent Wreath at home?  You know, the circular wreath with the pink, purple and white candles?  Advent wreaths help us to count down the days until the birth of Jesus and give us something to think about and something to do while we wait for Christmas.   Here is an idea for a child-friendly advent wreath which doesn’t require an open flame and creates a perfect excuse for Sunday night desserts in December.  Make this “wreath” together with your kids.  Take the time to explain the symbolism behind this tradition.  

Supplies Needed:

5 small mason jars with labels
1 circular plate (big enough to hold all five jars)
Pieces of evergreen tree
Markers or chalk
Purple M& M candies (enough to fill three jars)
Pink M & M candies  (enough to fill one jar)
White M & M candies (enough to fill one jar)


As you assemble your “wreath” together as a family, remind your kids of the symbolism behind the shapes, colors and words as you go.

Begin with a circular plate.  A circle symbolizes the unending nature of God. Then, fill your mason jars with the candy.

Fill three jars with purple candies, one jar with pink candies and one jar with white candies. 

Label the three purple candy jars with the words “Hope,” “Peace,” and “Love.” Purple is the color of royalty and is used at Advent and Lent to remind us that Jesus is our king. Write “Joy” on the jar with the pink candies. Pink is a happy color and reminds us of the joyful time soon to come at Christmas. Write “Jesus” on the jar with the white candies. White stands for the holiness of Jesus. 

Assemble your jars on your plate with the “Jesus” jar in the middle and tuck pieces of evergreen branches around the jars for decoration. Evergreens stand for everlasting life given through faith in Jesus.

Now What?

The purple and pink jars are for the four Sundays in Advent. You can see which word goes with each Sunday if you follow along with our #pictureadvent theme days. Open each jar on the appropriate night of Advent and share this special dessert together. Open the "Jesus" jar together on Christmas Eve. 

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