What will your Advent journey look like this year?

Why don't you #pictureAdvent with us?

Join people of faith from across the country and around the world for a journey that is meaningful, memorable, and a huge labor of love by ministers and laypeople from a variety of denominations and locations!

#pictureAdvent began in 2014 as an experiment - would people be interested in a daily email devotion and family activity? We were hoping a few of our writers' churches might participate, and our friends. By the time Advent began, we had over 600 participants from more than 30 states!

YOU are the reason #pictureAdvent and #pictureLent exist - this is a project that seems to meet a need for individuals and churches in a variety of settings - small and large, clergy and lay, east and west.

Let this be the journey you choose this year as you look toward the Incarnation, toward Christ's coming then and now.

Let this be the journey you choose to keep you focused during a time that has been co-opted by so many other things. 

Let this be the journey that feeds your soul in a time that the world around us focuses on empty, material things. 

Join us on this journey?

If you are a church leader, be sure you check out all the great resources to unite your congregation to share devotions, photos, family activities and more! There are even resources for preaching and presentation.