[#pictureAdvent] December 22: COME

By Derrick Scott
Campus Minister, Campus to City Wesley
Jacksonville, FL

First, read Hebrews 10:5-10

You know those mountain top experiences with Jesus?

Those pivotal moments in the life of Jesus-people when our desire to love God is at an all-time high. Songs start being sung with meaning, money given with intention, and acts of service done with purpose.

These moments are emotional, spiritual, and theological game changers. When it happens to me, my response sounds like “whatever you want God - I am all yours - here I am send me” and so on. These are special moments, but sometimes they can take us down a road that could lead to burn-out.

Why burn out?

Because eventually the “whatever you want God” turns into “is it ever enough God?” Our passion for God causes us to open up our schedules, over-commit to all of the good things happening in church-life and delete much-needed margin and self-care from our calendars.

It isn’t that we gravitated into works righteousness; that is, working to earn our salvation and place in God’s family. We were just so overwhelmed by the goodness of God that we felt like we owed a huge debt.

Now we are overwhelmed by all of the stuff we have taken on and wonder if pulling back will be an eternal disappointment.

Do you know what I mean? No, just me? Cool. I’ll continue anyways.

Today’s text begins this way: “So when Jesus came into the world…” There’s so much truth in those seven words.

Truly, the shift in humanity’s story was the day when Jesus, the Human One and God in the flesh, CAME into the world. You see my friends, our salvation is validated in who Jesus IS. His words bring life, and his Divinity is proven by miracles. His death conquers sin and His resurrection opens the door for every person to be in relationship with perfect Love.

But all of that goes back to who Jesus IS. When He came into the world, He did the will of God simply by coming. All of the deeds are profound and holy because of who Jesus IS.

The Spirit says to each of us “COME”. The fine print is not “come and do” as we often find ourselves thinking. Actually, the invitation is “come and be”. The being is before the doing.

For God, who you ARE and are BECOMING in light of all God has done in Jesus is the will of God for you. For Jesus-people, burnt out begins when we place more emphasis on “doing” God’s will than on “being” God’s will.

As Jesus CAME into the world, He now asks you to “COME” into his grace and mission. The coming and being are the doing. And that is enough for Him. All the actions that follow are overflow.

This morning, and this Advent season, we reflect on the One, who by His very COMING, did the will of God. May we be willing to come to God as we are, and through our becoming more aligned with Jesus, find ourselves BEING the will of God for the sake of the world.

Questions for Discussion/Reflection

1. How does Jesus’ identity shape the way we see his words and deeds when He was on earth?

2. What are the modern-day “sacrifices and burnt offerings” that we offer to God? In what ways might some of those actions get in the way of being in relationship with Jesus?

3. In what ways can you put a little more emphasis on “being” God’s will versus “doing” God’s will?