Lenten Journey Jar for Lent 2015


Are you looking for a way to share Lent 2015 with your family? Want to include the kids in observing Lent in a creative way? Here's a great activity that will kick off Lent with some fun and carry you through the whole season!

First, be sure you're signed up for #pictureLent's daily devotions. Although they aren't essential to following along with the family activities, they'll be a great way to keep your family members connected and focused on God throughout the season. 

Your Lenten Journey Jar will give you daily activities to do with your family, including a daily prayer and table conversation topic. Follow along with the rest of the #pictureLent family activities to have even more ways each week to share Lent with your family. 

The #pictureLent Family Activities download will give you all the information you need, including the supply list, instructions for creation and use, and printables to create this wonderful centerpiece to your Lenten journey as a family. 

Be sure you've downloaded the Family Activities PDF on the #pictureLent page and you'll be set to begin your journey on Ash Wednesday.