What is Lent all about?

Is the idea of observing Lent a new one for you or your church? Never been to an Ash Wednesday service before? Wondering what all the hype is about? You're not alone!

If you're joining us for #pictureLent (and I hope you are), we hope this compilation of resources (via humorous video) will help you learn a little more about this important season in the life of the Christian community.

First, where does Lent fit in with the rest of the church year? And why so much purple?

OK, sounds great. But what is Lent all about?

When does Lent begin?

But what if I really like pancakes?

Got it! And really -- 40 days? When do I get to start eating chocolate again? Well, Lent wraps up with what is known as Holy Week. There are a few key holy days we observe as a part of Holy Week. First, we begin with Palm or Passion Sunday:

The next big church celebration is usually Maundy Thursday -- no not Monday Thursday, but Maundy Thursday, when we remember Jesus' time with his disciples. Check it out:

Which leads us into Good Friday, the day we remember Jesus' crucifixion:

And although we may see lots of bunnies and chicks around, on Easter Sunday we remember the best news of all - Jesus is alive! He is risen! And He lives among us today. 

And NOW you can have chocolate again ... and hopefully you've found companions on the journey here with LECFamily and through #pictureLent