[#pictureLent] Feb. 26: Life-altering Revelations

By Mark Caldwell
First UMC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

First, read Daniel 2:22

You may know the story of Daniel and how he escaped death from the lion’s den and fiery furnace. These are biblical stories of faith that were probably told to us as children. But did you know that there is a darker side to Daniel? He and his friends were instructed by King Nebuchadnezzar to execute seers who could not interpret the disturbed king’s dreams. Is this news to you? Sorry if your picture of Daniel was altered! 

Speaking of pictures, have you ever looked at a picture to see two subjects? In life, we have events that happen to us that sometimes become revelations of purpose. We discover our passions that may direct our occupations. We discover locations in such areas as the mountains or rural places or the inner city where we desire to make our homes There are times when new opportunities are revealed that we can only credit to God for allowing such events to happen.

In faith, we also have revelations that can sometimes altar the course of our lives. To Christians, Jesus was more than a miracle worker and teacher. He was ultimately revealed to be a Lord and a savior. We see God revealed in many ways—but most visibly through Jesus. May Christ, who is the light of the world shine in the darkness of your uncertainties. It’s trying and difficult at times, but this practice of trusting God ultimately reveals God’s presence in even the most uncertain circumstances.

Let’s get back to Daniel for a moment. He became a great figure of faith in our Bible because he questioned why he and his company were to commence the execution of all of these seers and astrologers who could not interpret King Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams. It was in that moment that God revealed that he was the one that would interpret the dreams and thus propel him to a place in the King’s court. God opened Daniel’s eyes to something new and needed.

In Natalie Sleeth’s Hymn of Promise, every verse ends with that reminder that God is revealed in a variety of ways and that in every instance circumstances are, “unrevealed until its season—something God alone can see.” May your prayer and devotion life give you new revelations of how you can serve God faithfully in your appointed time.

Prayer: God of time and space, open our eyes, our ears and our hearts so that we may have pertinent matters revealed to us in the right season. Temper our angst, soothe our fears and remind us that even matters of faith need time. May our patience grow as our faith grows. Amen.

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