[#pictureLent] Mar. 28: Tell the Story

Kristyne Young
New Covenant UMC, The Villages, FL

First, read 1 John 1:7-9

We live in a culture where technology has invaded all aspects of life. Little computers are popping up everywhere we look. When my family eats out at Chili’s there is a handy little computer right at the table to pay the waitstaff. I must admit, I like the ability to pay and go when we finish instead of having a wait.

However, other technology makes me scratch my head. The other day when my daughters and I were shopping for a baby gift we saw the newest technology in potty training. The potty seat had an attachment that would hold an iPad to keep your toddler occupied while learning this new skill.

However, no piece of technology has invaded our lives more then our cell phones. Our phones are no longer just phones. They are our cameras, our MP3 players, our date books, our complete and unfiltered access to the Internet and even where we keep our Bibles.

On the surface technology does not seem like such a bad thing. What is wrong with being able to pay at the table when we eat out? What is the problem with occupying our little ones while they learn to use the potty? What is the big deal about having access to practically everything in the palms of our hands?

Quite frankly, the problem is us. We are sinful creatures. We are easily tempted. The little computer at Chili’s also offers options to order more food, deserts and drinks without having to wait for the waitstaff, tempting us to overindulge. The iPad potty seat temps moms and dads to let technology become the teacher or caregiver. Our phones, though filled with good things, are also overflowing with bad things. We can be tempted to look and listen to images, words or videos that contain awful material.

As Christians we have been called to walk in the light but we are still tempted to sin. The problem posed by technology is the ease at which we are able to stray from the path bathed in light to the path darkened by shadows. We can even be lead from the shadowy path to a path of pitch darkness.

We should not deceive ourselves, saying we will not stray from the light. We should not deceive ourselves saying our children will not stray from the light. Our children will be tempted to look at things little eyes should not see, listen to things little ears should not hear and say words little mouths should not say. We need to recognize the world we live in and arm ourselves and our children with tools to stay in the light.

One of the biggest tools is the fellowship of other believers. When we gather together we help to hold each other up. One of the ways we hold each other up is by telling The Story. Together, in a community of believers, we tell The Story and are reminded of the great sacrifice Jesus made for us. We are reminded that Jesus died for us because we truly are sinners who are so easily tempted. Jesus died so that we can be forgiven our sins, all those times that we will wander off the path.

Prayer: Gracious God – Thank you for making our family a little community of believers. Help us to hold each other up and remind each other of The Story. We recognize that we will make mistakes and that we will wander from the light. We are so thankful that you are always there to hear our confessions and to forgive us our sins. We love you God. Amen.

Discussion Questions

  1. What types of technologies are we using as a family that have the potential to lead us into darkness?
  2. What can we do when we are tempted by friends to look or listen to something that goes against our values?
  3. What are some ways that your family can remember The Story each day?