[#pictureLent] February 19: TEND

By Dominique Nash
Cornerstone UMC
Napels, FL

First, read Isaiah 40:9-11

When we read about the Lord coming in His power and might, leading us as a loving shepherd, we have to ask ourselves, “Where are we in this narrative?”

It’s easy to identify with the sheep who are in need of love and rescuing, but I think we need to dig deeper. God is a shepherd who is leading us away from just our own wants and desires, and to place in our hearts, and lives, where we look around at everyone around us and ask ourselves, “Am I leading others to Jesus? Do my actions, does my life, show others the goodness and the power of our loving God?”

I know I could be doing more. I get stuck in what God called me to do and lose sight of the new thing He may be leading me to that will help other people experience and know God. I don’t want to be the sheep that follows and cries after God to save me from my pain or situation.

I want to be the sheep who may be in a bad place put pushes through, moves forward, and takes the other sheep with them to follow the shepherd. I want to be the one who tends to others the way God does. Then together we can experience and share the unconditional love and the power of God, and follow Him in the direction He’s taking us as we share the good news with everyone.

Prayer: God – help us to look for the outsiders, those who we can help shepherd. But in turn, dear God, help us find the places in our life where we very much need to have a Good Shepherd.

 Discussion/Reflection Questions:

 1)    Can you think of a time where you were so focused on following God for yourself that you missed an opportunity to lead someone else?

2)    What do you feel called to do now? Are you complacent in your calling?

3)    Is there someone you know or someone you can think of that needs your help following God and sharing the good news right now? What steps are you going to take to bring them alongside you?