[#pictureLent] February 24: LISTEN

By Heidi Aspinwall
Young Adult Missional Movement
Miami, FL

First, read Deuteronomy 6:4-9

A gate is so much more than a door. A gate is part of a fence and acts as a moveable piece of the fence. Fences keep your favorite dog in and the mean neighborhood dog out. The gate lets you move one to the other side. Fences denote ownership and land divisions whether on farms or in cities. Fences can corral the cattle. Fences protect vegetables from hungry deer. Fences can be mysterious and hold within them secret gardens.  

Some gates are made of the same material as the fencing. There are chain link gates and fences. There are wood gates and fences. There are many forms.  There are series of walls and desks in some work areas. These cubicles fence off workspace in the modern office. Gates are sometimes imaginary thresholds to someone’s desk area. 

When we go out from our houses to our fences God intended for a reminder to be there. Set a reminder on the door and on the fence when we go in and when we go out. Houses provide safety, shelter and warmth for our families. Our fences provide a holding area for our livestock, our pets, our gardens. 

Our doors to our homes hold our hearts.  Our gates to our fences hold our work. In all things and in all times, we are to be reminded of the Love of our God, our One Lord. Set a reminder on your gate. In all that you, remember. Love the Lord your God with all your mind, with all your heart and with all your strength. 
Prayer: Lord our Lord, You are One and the Holiest of One. Help us to replace all else in our life with Love for You. Help our fences be made to include more and more of your people.

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

1. Do we hear? What are we listening to instead?
2. When was the last time you spoke of these commandments with anyone other than children? Which are the ones adults should discuss the most?
3. Where would be the places in your life, you would see the commands if you tied them or posted them for yourself to find?