[#pictureLent] A Light in the Desert: Family Faith Formation for Lent 2016


How is your family planning to observe Lent together

If you're saying, "Uuuuhhh ... what's Lent?" Check out this video first.

If you're saying, "Uuuuhhh ... I haven't thought about it!" Then you're in the right place too!

And if you're saying, "I've been looking for something!" You are definitely in the right spot.

#pictureLent is a Lenten resource for individuals, families and churches, and this year's family activities are sure to be a special experience for you and your family. 

This year's Family Lenten Calendar is called "A Light in the Desert" and will guide you daily through the season of Lent. You can also follow along with our photo challenge and take and share photos each day of Lent, inspired by the day's word and scripture. 

Go to www.pictureLent.com to find out more, to sign up for daily devotions (these work great for families with older children and youth especially!), and to download your Family Lenten Activities packet.