[#pictureLent] March 10: WITNESS

By Rachael Sumner
St. Andrew UMC
Titusville, FL

First, read Acts 1:21-26

Often my children ask me questions about Jesus and his life on this earth. They want to know if he ever got in trouble for not doing his chores. Did he ever fall and skin his knee? What kinds of games did he play with his friends? What was his favorite food? What was his favorite color?

My answers to some of these questions are speculation because I wasn’t there. I only know from what I read in the Bible and from conclusions I have drawn in my own human experience and of course some of them I just don’t know. What occurs to me though is that my children don’t just want to know about Jesus, they want to know Jesus. Some of these questions are things you would ask a person you are trying to get to know. 

In today’s text the disciples were choosing someone to take Judas’ place as a witness to Christ’s resurrection. Why was this important? Firsthand testimony from someone who actually witnessed the resurrected Jesus is much more powerful than reading a secondhand account. Knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus are two different things. I am thankful for the testimony of witnesses who saw the resurrected Jesus and who help me to better know who Jesus is.

There are questions I can answer about Jesus with certainty. Does Jesus still heal people? Yes! How do I know this? Because I have witnessed it with my own eyes. Does Jesus hear my prayers? Yes, he hears and answers my prayers. I know this because I have personally witnessed answered prayers.

The more time I invest in my personal relationship with Jesus, the more I know him. I want to be a witness for Jesus. Jesus calls me to share testimony of his love and grace to others. The more I know him, the more I can show him to others.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I want to know you more and better every day. Help me to be a witness for you, pointing others to you so they may know you too.

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

1. Who was someone in your life that witnessed the power of Jesus and helped you to know him better?
2. How have you witnessed Jesus’ resurrection power in your life?
3. How can you share what you have witnessed with others? Has God put someone on your heart to share your witness?