[#pictureLent] March 11: SEEK

By Rev. Melinda Teter Dodge
Los Altos United Methodist Church/Pastor of Youth & Family Ministries
Long Beach, California

First, read John 5:25-30

We are coming to the close of the fourth week of Lent, and I find myself experiencing the “hump” day blues of the Lenten season.  Right now, every day of the journey feels like Wednesday.  So in the words from the Gospel, it is deeply encouraging for me to hear that the hour is coming.  My soul is longing for some levity to return, some brightness where things have become dim, for the joy of Palm Sunday and the “Alleluia” Chorus.  Some days, I feel like I wouldn’t mind Lent being a little shorter, or for us to skip from Palm Sunday right to Easter morning: from the joyful entry into Jerusalem to the glory of the resurrection.

But, that isn’t our story.  In our story with Jesus, our lives are full of “hump” days.  We experience entire seasons where we find ourselves constantly seeking for something -- anything -- to bring back the joy.  Some days we long for something to fill us, something to make it all better or make it all go away.  

This passage from John tells us that even the dead will hear the voice of God, that despite our poor choices or propensity to see dimly … God is in Jesus and God is the life within each one of us.  If we could let go of the Wednesday fatigue of life, and welcome in the life of Jesus, we might find some rest even in the very middle of any exhausting season we may experience.

I am reminded and renewed through this passage that even the dead will hear the voice of Christ, and that it is his voice that brings us life.  

I am reminded and renewed that it is in our seeking out Christ that we find true life and purpose in Christ.

O God,
We seek you out in so many places.
We search for the light of life, the light of your Son, Jesus Christ, on many paths.
Help us to be at peace in the seeking, knowing you are hard at work and present with us at all times, in all places.
Give us patience with you and patience with ourselves and one another.
In Christ’s name,

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

1. Where have you sought out Jesus in your life?  In your faith community?  Where have you found his presence?
2. What have you learned in the seeking itself?
3. How does your faith help you get through the “hump days” of your life?