[#pictureLent] March 12: PURSUE

By Kercida McClain
Laurel Heights UMC –  Education Ministry
San Antonio, Texas

First, read Philippians 3:10-14

When our youngest child was a preschooler, we lived in a very small town where there were no strangers. She was safe and nurtured and known. This was great until we had to go to “the city” for shopping. I would patiently explain that there were strangers where we were going and she would need to stay near me. Strangers are people that we don’t know their names. She told me yes and I was fairly sure she understood, to the best of her ability, what stranger danger was.

On one of those trips to the city, we were in a department store where I was shopping for new towels. As I decided which ones and picked them up, I reached down to give her some so she could be a helper. She was gone. I looked up and down the area where we were and there was no sign of her. As panic began to rise in my throat, I began looking and calling her name.

As I turned the corner to the fourth aisle, there she stood talking to a lady. I quickly went to her side and said in a whisper, “This lady is a stranger.” To which she replied, “No Mommy this is Dorothy.” The lady explained that she has introduced herself so nicely. 

In those very few minutes (which seemed like hours) I had a glimpse of what God must feel like when we wander away and then are found. 

Lent offers us a time to rest in the assurance of a God that never stops looking, never stops pursuing us. Being still in that presence is our gift in return.

Prayer: Good and gracious God, Thank you for pursuing us and loving us and inviting us to rest in that love. Amen.

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

1. Can you think of a time you were lost? 
2. How have you separated yourself from God? What can you do to “be found”?
3. What can you change in your life to give you more “found” time