[#pictureLent] March 17: LEAD

37 Mar 17 PL-01.jpg

By Becky Gilbert
Youth Pastor, First UMC Homestead
Homestead, Florida

First, read Psalms 25:5

When I was younger my family occasionally went on hiking trips. I remember these trips like they were yesterday.

Being in the woods surrounded by nature was one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes the trails were well marked, but most of the time at least part of the trail was overgrown and hard to see. One of the most specific memories I have, from hiking the overgrown path, is my father’s direction to us. He would always say, “step where I step so you don’t get hurt.”

Then he would lead us down the path, holding back branches, stepping over big stumps and rocks and going around places where the path was extremely muddy. My brother and sister and I would sometimes get impatient and run ahead or go off the path our father was making for us and end up muddy or hurt. Our hiking experiences were much more enjoyable when we stayed behind my father and walked where he walked.

Psalm 25:5 reminded me of the time I spent hiking with my family. Not only was my father teaching my brother and sister and I about hiking, but he was also teaching us spiritual truth. When we have the same heart as the Psalmist, we ask God to lead us on his path and we are willing to stay on that path and willing to be patient and wait on God’s direction.

God’s word is his way of saying to us, ‘walk where I walked’. God points out the big stumps and muddy places that can distract us from his path and we will continue to grow more Christ-like when we wait and walk where he walked.

Prayer: Take a few minutes and repeat Psalm 25:5 as your prayer today.
Lead me in your truth, and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all day long. (Psalm 25:5)

Discussion/Reflection questions:

1.       What are some ways that we are distracted from the path God has set out for us?
2.       Think of a time when you were following the path closely. How did that feel? 
3.       How do you encourage those around you to “walk where I walk”?