[#pictureLent] March 19: SPRING

By Bailey Brawner
Saint John UMC - Anchorage, AK
Boston, MA

First, read Psalms 36:9

As a native Alaskan, I very clearly understand the benefits of light. For half of our year, darkness surrounds us, which can be very challenging. I remember leaving for school in the morning in darkness, then coming home at the end of the day in darkness as well. Very literally, it was hard to see the light.

Come Spring though, that changes. As the days become longer, it’s not only easier to see the physical light, but the light of God seems to shine brighter, as well.

Psalm 36:9 reminds me of the opportunities we have to brighten up the lives of those around us when we see the light of God in our own heart. When we find ourselves spiritually empty, lacking time to be in prayer or in relationship with God, the chances of us helping someone in their faith journey goes down.

Our faith journey ebbs and flows, just as the seasons change. Anne Lamott talks about this, saying that “faith includes noticing the mess, the emptiness and discomfort, and letting it be there until some light returns.”

On our darkest days, it can be difficult to emanate that light, but the good news is, that Spring is here now.

The fountain of life that is within all of us is overflowing, renewing itself and shining outward to the world. God is urging us in this season to be refreshed, renewed, and ready to shine.

This spring, let us allow the light of God to be held in our souls, and let us be willing to share that light with our world.

Prayer: God of love and light, thank you for the ways you light up our lives. You care for us and teach us how to care for others well. Help us to be a light for someone else, so that they might overflow with grace, hope, and love for our world. Amen

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

1. Have you ever experienced your ‘light’ shining brighter or dimmer at times?
2. What does it mean to be spiritually full for you?
3. How can you be a light for somebody else today?