[#pictureLent] March 23: SERVANT

By Sarah Kalkwarf

First, read Isaiah 42:1-4

When Isaiah wrote these words, his world was in ruins. It was the Assyrian Period and Israel was divided into two Kingdoms: Israel and Judah. In Isaiah 42:1-4, he addresses the people of Judah, whom he lived amongst. Judah, at this time, is a fortunate kingdom in that they hold great power. Spiritually, however, they are corrupt – they have failed to be God’s holy servants.

Isaiah’s world is not unlike our own. I can’t help but notice how relevant Isaiah’s words are to us today.

Isaiah prophesizes the coming of our savior, Jesus Christ. Who else takes us for exactly who we are and forgive us, never stifling us?

Jesus alone.

Jesus alone speaks wisdom without making a spectacle of it.

Jesus alone can bring justice.

Isaiah’s words brought hope for renewal to the people of Judah. He gave them the peace of mind that through the struggle a savior would come.

When Jesus entered the world, Isaiah’s prophecy became reality. Jesus spent his life teaching and leading. He accepted people as the bruised reeds that they were and taught them how to live.

Everything Jesus did made a great impact, but he never drew attention to it. Jesus lived simply. Even when he was crucified for our very sin, a glorious occasion for Christians, he did so humbly.

Isaiah promises justice, or peace, in the land. I can’t help but think that these verses are calling Christians to action, as servants of the Lord.

We know that Jesus came and taught us how to live. Now it is our turn to start that movement. God is using Isaiah’s words to tell us how we should serve.

As servants of the Lord, we are called upon to love without judgement. We are asked to live as Jesus taught us to. With acceptance and compassion, we must serve those around us to help spread God’s wonderful love.

Only through serving --truly serving our neighbors --- can we make a difference in the world.

There is hope that justice can be established.

There is hope that there will be peace on Earth.

The hope is within us, as God’s followers.

We must be the difference.

Prayer: Holy God – you are the hope of the world. Help us to be difference makers to those around us. Help u to bring your hope to a hurting world. Amen.

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

1.    How else can you apply Isaiah 42:1-4 to your life today?
2.    What is your responsibility in being a servant of God?
3. How can you serve humbly, without giving up? And how can you re-charge when you FEEL like giving up?