[#pictureLent] March 4: FEAR

By Andrew Miller
Montverde UMC
Montverde, FL

First, read John 3:19-21

I am not afraid of much, but I do not like spiders. Ron Weasley, from Harry Potter, and I have that in common. I do not know if it is the hairy legs, the fangs, the numerous eyeballs, or the webs that they spin, but spiders scare me. Sadly, or at least I find it sadly, we are surrounded by spiders. Apparently we are never too far away from an arachnid. That knowledge brings me fear.
This passage from John reminds me how many people have hearts like spiders. Often times the heart of a person is not on display in public. It is how people live when they do not think they are being watched that we see the true heart of a person.
In another passage of Scripture, Pharisees approach Jesus and they accuse his disciples of not washing their hands before they eat. From this encounter, Jesus teaches that it is not what goes into the body in the form of food that makes a person unclean. In fact, it is the words spoken from their mouths, which is sourced in the heart; it is the words that come out of the body that determine if a person is clean or unclean.

If we are to truly live as children of the Light, then we have to remove the cobwebs that cover our heart. We have to clean up the poison that spews from our mouths. If we are to be the light, we have to speak the Light, speak the Light, adhere to the Light, and love the Light. Otherwise we are nothing more than a brown recluse spider, hiding in the cracks and crevices of old wooden pews.
Prayer: Teach us, Father, to be children of the light. Teach us to tame our hearts and tongues, as Jesus taught the Pharisees, so that in the light of your truth we will proclaim your love to people of all nations, ages, and races that they may know us by your love. Amen. 

Questions for Discussion/Reflection

1. What are you most afraid of? 
2. How have you overcome a fear?
3. What can you do to clear away the cobwebs in your heart and live as a child of the Light?