[#pictureAdvent] December 13: CHANGE

08 Dec 10 Water-01.jpg

By Rev. Christy Jo Harber
Eastwood Christian Church (DOC), Associate Pastor
Nashville, T

First, read Psalm 126

“The trees are about to show you just how beautiful letting go can be.”  

This quote has remained in my thoughts for quite some time now. Sure, I love to watch the seasons change. Yet when a quote about a tree becomes a metaphor for my life it’s not always comfortable.This year seems as though everything has changed. Some of the changes have been easier to receive than others.

I have witnessed change in my community, church, and world…
I have felt change in tragedies, trauma, and grief…
and yes— I, too, have changed.
Our relationship with change can come with an array of different feelings. Some of us try to stay as far away from change as possible, some of us welcome change, and sometimes our response depends on what is changing.

Advent calls us into a holy time of seeking and making room for Jesus the Christ.  
As we seek hope, love, joy, and peace
we are invited to make room for all that this season will bring. 

When we make room for Christ we open ourselves to life-giving change. The writer of Psalm 126 celebrates change and boldly prays for restoration.

Remembering what God has done in the past encourages us to have hope for the days to come. During our anticipation we will most likely find ourselves experiencing both reasons to rejoice and reasons to cry out for a better today, tomorrow, and future.  When we allow the Holy Spirit to show up in our thoughts and actions we are able to see that change can be replenishing, restoring, and revolutionary.  

As we continue journeying through Advent may we write our own songs and prayers of celebration and restoration as we seek to live as faithful disciples of Christ.

Holy God, Thank you for hearing my prayers of celebration and my petitions for restoration. Remind me when the journey seems difficult that I am not alone.  Equip me with the strength and courage I need to navigate change.  In all of my thoughts and actions may I shine the light and love of Jesus. Amen.

Discussion/Reflection Questions

1.  Recall a time you have experienced a change for the better.
2.  What might you need to let go of in order for a new chapter to be born?
3.  What are you celebrating?  What needs to be restored? 
4.  How might you make room for hope, love, joy, and peace this Advent season?