[#pictureAdvent] December 15: LIGHT

13 Dec 15 Light-01.jpg

By Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia
Pastor, Trinity UMC      
Sarasota, FL

First, read John 1:6-8

Christmas is often called the Season of Lights. When most people hear this, they think of colorful Christmas lights or soft glowing candles.

Christmas is actually the Season of The Light, Jesus Christ. What a wonder! What a mystery! God’s love made flesh to bring light into the shadows and brokenness of our world.

Like our brother John, we are not the Light. We need the light of Christ to reveal the truth of our need and the grace which meets it.  

Like our brother John, we are witnesses. We have seen and heard and experienced Jesus overcoming our darkness. We know what it is to be lost then found, blind then seeing, dead then alive. We want others to know this, too. We want to share what we have found and who has found us. 

Like our brother John, we testify to the Light. The media assaults us with an unending cannon blast of gloom and doom. Yet, our still, small stories shine. We speak to the hope, the welcome, the transforming power, the One who loves and saves the world. We testify to the Light. 

We are witnesses. Witnessing is not just something we do; it is something we are. We don’t go to witness, we witness as we go. With every breath we take, with every word we utter, with every action we make, we are witnessing. – William Richard Ezell, God’s Redemptive Plan

Prayer: O Christ, Light of the World, whoever follows you will have the light of life. Help us to speak of you with such grace and hope that all who hear place their trust in you. Amen.

Discussion/Reflection Questions

1.       How have you neglected to be a witness, to testify concerning Christ?
2.       When you consider testifying “to the light,” how does that change what you will say about Jesus and how you will say it?
3.       Give a short testimony to those you are with right now. Encourage one another, pray, and plan how you will witness and invite this holy season.