[#pictureAdvent] December 18: HOME

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By Ellen Pollock
New Covenant UMC – Congregational Care
The Villages, FL

First, read 2 Samuel 7:8-11

We know the old saying of “home is where the heart is.” “Home” can bring to many of us a wonderful connotation associated with that word. We have memories and traditions that remind us of our growing up years, and of things that shaped us into the people we have become. 

For me, “home” reminds me of growing up in Memphis, Tennessee. I have vivid memories of the smell of barbeque, of honeysuckle in the springtime, and of the rain, on warm summer nights. I also think about going fishing with my daddy from the time I could stand up or helping my mother pick fresh produce from our backyard garden. I think of the holidays as special family times that were full of laughter and kindheartedness, and food! Lots and lots of food! 

Some people don’t have the warmth of pleasant memories of “home.” Some may have not had a home life they want to dwell on. Home may bring up unhappy emotions or feelings of despair. 

In this passage from II Samuel, we might have a hard time understanding what “home” meant to God and to King David. David stated in the beginning of chapter 7 that he was living in a new palace, but God resided in a tent. I think we have to give David a bit of credit that he did actually want something much better for God’s presence. I am betting that David did not truly get the concept of what “home” meant here. God’s presence was with them, because they were children of God. God was designing a new thing! God was making David into a “home” by creating a living legacy. 

This legacy would be the lineage of Christ who was coming to be the one true King!! John 1:14 says “So the Word became human and made his home among us. He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness. And we have seen his glory, the glory of the Father’s one and only Son.” (NLT) Jesus made his home here, and it wasn’t in a palace or a tent; the joy of having Jesus Christ brings us all new and wonderful experiences. Jesus Christ living in us is “home;” then home truly is where the heart is.

Discussion/Reflection Questions

  1. What does home mean to you?
  2. How was David envisioning a “home” for God?
  3. What can we do to make Jesus Christ at “home” in us?