[#pictureLent] February 15: RAINBOW

02 Feb 14 Fast-01.jpg

By Miguel A. Padilla
Nurture Pastor at St. Paul UMC
San Antonio, Texas

First, read Genesis 9:8-17

I once was a chaperone in a youth camp during the summer up in the mountains. One rainy afternoon, the sun came up and in combination with the soft rain the sky displayed, not a single but a double rainbow in the sky. 

I have never seen a double rainbow in my life before. As I was fascinated, and as I was trying to capture this natural event in a picture, a seventh grader came near me and he exclaimed “Look, it’s God’s promise of never flooding the earth again; we have a double blessing today.” 

Instead of ruining the moment, this phrase completed the moment into a deeper level than when I was just trying to capture it to brag about it later with my friends.

While I was caught busy trying to capture the moment in a picture, someone younger than I went deeper and reminded me that this beautiful natural sign is a reminder of God’s love towards all living creatures. Many times, because of distractions or business in our lives, we take for granted the natural signs that yield back at us God’s unending love for the whole creation.

Or worse, our limited mind wants to constrict who is worthy of receiving God’s love. God reminds us through people or things we consider less than us, that in Him everyone is welcome. Just as the rainbow is not restricted only to seven colors, God’s love is not restricted only to those that look like me, speak like me, or act like me. God’s love is extended to the whole creation: animals, flowers, children and youth, and even the rocks that can proclaim the majesty of God’s love. 

Prayer: Loving God, we give you thanks for the rain, trees, rivers, flowers and all-natural resources that remind us that you are the creator, and you are faithful to your promise of love and compassion for us. Let this nature be a reminder to us to praise you and give you thanks because you entrust us to be the protectors of this creation, in Jesus name we pray. Amen

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

  1. I ask you today to silence every electronic or cellphone around you, close your eyes, sit still, and listen for all the noises around you and think that those noises are the way creation worship God.
  2. What are the natural signs that remind you of God’s love? Why? Share with others.
  3. Take a walk to the park or just walk down the street and admire the nature around you. Or just look up to the sky and give thanks to God because He made all these just for you. What specific action would you do this lent season to protect these natural creatures?