[#pictureLent] February 19: GENERATIONS

06 Feb 18 Angels-01.jpg

By Justin Cox
Minister to Youth and Families
First United Methodist Church of Orlando
Orlando, Florida

First, read Genesis 17:1-7

In Confirmation, we learn that covenants are promises between God and humanity. Each covenant is represented with a promise, sealed with a sacrifice, and represented through a symbol.

In today’s scripture, we witness a covenant between God and Abram. God promises that Abram will father many nations. God also promises that Abram’s descendants (including us) will be God’s people from generation to generation.

The covenant is sealed with a sacrifice that was conveniently left out of today’s scripture, but causes half the population to squirm. The covenant is symbolized by Abram’s name change to Abraham. Abraham’s covenant has endured from generation to generation and makes me want to sing “Father Abraham”!

Last year we celebrated the church’s 500th anniversary of Luther’s Reformation. The Reformation changed the church and has endured from generation to generation.

God endures forever and ever, even if we can only see through the small lens of our lifetime. Was Abraham able to see the lasting effect of his covenant with God? Did Luther realize his protests would endure for 500 years? Can you see the impact your faith has on the generations around you?

Following Jesus’ teachings means we impact our world in ways we might not see. We can find hope in a God that has and will continue to endure from generation to generation. That’s a covenant worth honoring!

Prayer: God, thank you for your promise. May I be able to focus on you and see the hope you bring to the world. May I remember that your promise endures from generation to generation. Help me to be more selfless as I live into your kingdom. Amen.

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

1. How are you living out the covenant that Abram made with God?
2. How is the church reforming to endure for the next 500 years?
3. What would be your covenant with God?