[#pictureLent] March 25: PREPARE

12 Feb 24 Think-01.jpg

By Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia
Trinity UMC, Pastor
Sarasota, Florida

First, read Mark 14:12-16

Today’s scripture is a simple story about preparing for the Passover celebration. 

Where will we meet? Would you like us to make the necessary preparations? 

Preparing for Passover was never simple. What holiday preparation ever is?

It was an involved process of
- traveling to Jerusalem
- securing lodging and making sure it was thoroughly scrubbed of leaven
- pressing through the temple crowds to exchange money and purchase a perfect lamb
- baking the bread and roasting the lamb over an open fire
- purchasing the wine and grinding the bitter herbs into paste
- carrying the water for the foot washing and post meal clean up 

Underneath the disciples’ questions are deeper questions: Who will shoulder the burden of these preparations and would there be enough to pay for it? 

The disciples ask and Jesus answers. His response is the unexpected and wonderful news of provision. 

Everything is already in place. Go and seek and you will find it so. And they do. 

This is what Jesus does. He’s been doing it his entire ministry and will not stop now. 

Jesus prepares
- a place at the table
- a place in the presence of friends and enemies
- a place to remember God’s promises fulfilled
- a place to hear your name and who you can be
- a place to be strengthened and prayed for
- a place to be washed and fed

 Jesus shoulders the burden. Jesus pays the price. He will not stop now. 

Come. Take your seat of honor and grace. 

Prepare your way in
me, my Jesus
Prepare your way
in me, my Lord

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

1. How do you respond to Jesus preparing and providing for you at his own expense? 
2. How is Jesus preparing you this Lenten season for something new? Something true?
3. What keeps this from happening in your life? How can we support you in allowing it to happen?