Mardis Gras: A Day to Prepare!

Are you ready? Have you prepared yourself for the season of Lent? 

Tomorrow, we begin a season of preparation. It's a long road to Easter from Ash Wednesday, and it can be a hard one. Especially if you have chosen to give something up, or take something on, for the season of Lent, 40 days can be an excruciatingly long journey. 

So I encourage you to use today as a day of preparation for your season of preparation. Take today to look forward, to plan ahead, to resolve yourself to walk with God through the coming weeks. 

What are ways you are preparing yourself today? How are you connecting with yourself, your life, or with God today so that you can journey with #pictureLent through the coming weeks?

The good news is you're not alone! You are joining hundreds of participants from around the world for this journey of #pictureLent, and thousands of Christians around the world observing the season of Lent in a variety of ways. 

Share in the comments where you're from, to let others know you're journeying alongside them! And be sure to share #pictureLent with your family and friends so they can join us too!