[#pictureLent] March 13: OBEDIENCE

By Joel Salas
Leander United Methodist Church
Leander, Texas

First, read Psalm 128:1-4 

Obedience is something I have struggled with since my childhood. From choosing to obey or disobey my parents, teachers, US Navy superiors, higher education professors, and yes even those I was accountable to during my Church ministry. And yes, I suffered the consequences when I chose disobedience. It is a concept that we have always lived with alongside our natural tendency to want to do things our way whether right or wrong. 

For Christians, to obey is about our relationship with God. From Adam to Paul we see our struggle with obedience "For I do not do what I want, but do the very thing I hate" (Romans 7:15b).  We witness the tragedies that affect others because of disobedience: the loss of children's lives because of a young man's disobedience to speed laws and the accident resulting in loss of property because a young woman was putting on makeup while driving. These are both examples of disobeying secular and spiritual laws for to love our neighbors as we love ourselves is to avoid doing things that affect their lives in a bad manner.   

God is love. Jesus is love. Jesus is the only person perfectly obedient. The scripture reading for today describes the blessings an obedient husband received. 


1. Can you remember moments when you struggled with obedience? 
2. Have there been occasions in your life when you can relate to the faithful husband because you were obedient? 
3. During this Lenten season will you prayerfully strive to strengthen your ability to be obedient?