[#pictureLent] March 2: REJOICE

Mar 2 - Rejoice.png

By Rev. John Patrick Feagins
La Trinidad United Methodist Church
San Antonio, TX

First, read Psalm 51:6-9

Mud is so simple and so amazing. Put a seed in it, and a plant will spout up. Form it into a brick and cook it in an oven, and it can help build a house. Turn it on a potter’s wheel, and get a beautiful bowl or vase.

People love mud. They swim in it, drive monster trucks through it, wrestle in it, and even play football in it.

Perhaps we love mud because we are made out of mud, formed from the earth and destined to return to it. Like our creator, we want to make things out of mud. 

One afternoon in Laredo, Texas, two boys got bored playing in the backyard together. In their creativity and curiosity, they made a new playground out of an unplanted flowerbed. A little water from the garden hose and lots of loose dirt made for a mud-hole any pig would have coveted.  

By the time their father noticed what was happening, the younger brother had mud in his eyes, mud in his hair, mud in his diaper, mud in his ears, mud all over his clothes, and mud drooling out of his mouth and nose. Apparently, his older brother was getting a good laugh encouraging him to eat mud! 

Neither boy could come inside before rinsing off. “Turn on the sprinkler! Turn it on!” they begged. For the next few minutes, they played in the spray of water, running around, chasing each other, and in the process, most of the mud was removed.  

For a while, getting dirty was fun, but this fun didn’t last. True joy was found in getting clean and coming back inside. 

Iniquity is like a mud-hole. It can promise adventure and fun, but sooner or later it will itch the skin, burn the eyes and nose, clog the ears, and leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Soon we may realize that others are laughing at us, not with us. Joy and gladness come from getting clean, finding God’s grace in mercy, forgiveness, peace, and security. 

Discussion/Reflection Questions: 

1. Have you been stuck in a spiritual mud-hole?  
2. Have you enticed someone to join you in that mud-hole? 
3. What’s the difference between fun and joy?Image