[#pictureLent] March 6: HAPPY


First, read Psalm 32:1-2

The season of lent is this transition from realizing our sin and brokenness to the redemptive and redeeming love of our God in the raising of Jesus.  

Right at the beginning of the 32nd chapter, David the author, uses 3 different words to describe disobeying God: transgressions, sins, and deceit.  

As we read this Psalm for today we receive the assurance of the grace that God provides to us even when we fall short into sin. The Psalm calls us to be happy and says blessed is the one who is forgiven. 

The forgiveness and freedom from guilt which Christ offers changes lives. Forgiveness means to take away a burden; God forgives us because God loves us. God sent God’s son Jesus to earth to die for us. When Jesus died, God penalized Jesus instead of punishing us. In this way God covers our sin. God will never bring up our sins as a matter of judgment between God and us. If we’re in Christ, our sins are covered by God’s blood! 

Sin deceives us; confession means that we remove deceit. We stop the cover up attempt and we are open and honest about it before God. 

The Psalm, which speaks much about happiness, does not speak of pursuing happiness. According to this Psalm, God's steadfast love is on the hunt, and pursues us. The happiness the Psalm refers to is a life no longer being lived in rebellion against God. Our sin has been removed so we can live with the happiness God gives. 

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

1. Why does David use different words for betraying God?  
2. What does it mean to live as forgiven of our sins?  
3. What can we learn about God through understanding how God deals with the issue of sin in our life?